Christmas Ornaments

We had Nadine and Glenn Lahti make all our Christmas ornaments from their original paintings and underwater photography. We use the photography they have taken throughout the Caribbean, Florida Keys, and the world. The paintings were originally done on canvas and we now print them on these awesome Christmas ornaments. We also can customize or personalize ornaments from photos.

Our Christmas ornaments are approximately 3″ round and are made of an unbreakable hardboard, therefore they will not break if they fall off the tree. We produce and print all our holiday ornaments at our gallery in Islamorada. We use only the highest quality inks and printers so you get the best quality. All our images are very colorful and vivid! We put a red ribbon hanger on each one to make it easy to put on the tree.
We also put the image on both sides of the ornament so as it spins on the tree you will always see the picture.

Because we produce and print all our Christmas ornaments, we can make them custom using your photos or other artwork. We can also personalize them with dates, names, or other text. Our customers love how we can make custom ones also. We can use family picture, wedding photos, or even pictures you have taken on your phone to make these ornaments. Call our gallery at 305-664-0001 or 305-664-3571. You can also email us at for further information.

We invite you to hang a piece of the Florida Keys on your Christmas tree every year starting now! We know you will love our fabulous holiday decorations! Or let us customize one for you today!

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Showing 1–40 of 89 results