Empty Lobster Trap Picture Frames

Our hand made Lobster Trap Picture Frames use genuine and authentic lobster trap wood from traps that are fished in the pristine waters of the Florida Keys. We get the wood directly from the lobstermen to create these fabulous frames.

All empty frames come with reflective control glass so when you put your photo or other artwork in them you will be able to view it without a glare. There is also a foam board backing to hold the artwork or picture. We use “flexi points” to make it easy to add or remove a picture from the back of the frame. All frames come with a hook on the back for ease of hanging.

All frames larger than 8×10 inches and all multi frames come with an authentic lobster or stone crab tag on the face of the frame.

Remember, there is a piece of the Florida Keys in every frame. Get one (or two) for your art or photos today and have the feel of the Keys in your home!!