Prints on Canvas Framed or Unframed

All our images in this category are giclée prints on canvas. They are prints we produce of the originals, and are all placed in our unique lobster trap frames. We produce and print these giclees prints on canvas at our gallery in Islamorada in the Florida Keys, so you get the best quality of artwork. We use genuine Epson archival inks and waterproof canvas Therefore your art prints will always look great. It is our guarantee.

We also make all our own frames from lobster traps that have been fished in the pristine waters of the Florida Keys. Every season when the traps are pulled for repairs we collect all the wood to make our frames. Our shop where we make the frames is also located in Islamorada.

Our Famous Artists

All our artwork is done by famous Florida Keys artists Nadine and Glenn Lahti. We have sold their art prints all over the world and at our Gallery located in the heart of Islamorada. They have been painting for over a decade and have produced some fabulous paintings. We, of course, also sell their original works. These framed art prints on canvas are from these originals.

Our giclée prints on canvas come in two styles of our famous lobster trap frames. We have the “Single Slat” frame and the “Double Slat” frame with a window box around the image. In the description of the image you choose to click on it will describe the frame and style it is.

Our lobster trap frames come in two different finishes. We have the dark wood finish or the white wash finish. We usually put the image in the finish it looks best it, but you can choose any finish you like.

Click on the images below to select the framed giclée prints on canvas you would like, and the option for the piece, what style of frame, or no frame.

Showing all 27 results

Showing all 27 results