Unframed Art Prints, Paintings and Underwater Photography

Our store has a great choice of wonderful artwork created by amazing artists Nadine and Glenn Lahti. This category features their fabulous paintings in print form, and their amazing underwater photography.

All of these “Art Prints” have a white boarder around the image, and at the bottom of the image, we have printed the name of the painting.

All our “Art Prints” are ready to frame in standard size frames. We have 8×10, 11×14, and 16×20 inch sizes to choose from.

First select from below if you want to see our Art Print Paintings or our Art Print Underwater Photography. Just click on the below photo of what you would like to see. Then on the next page, scroll to view all our images.

When you see the one you like, click on the image and it will bring you to the description of the image. There is then a dropdown menu where it has “Overall Size”. Use the drop down menu to find the size you want and then “Add to Cart”.

These “Art Prints” look great in our fabulous Lobster Trap Frames. Check out our empty lobster trap frames page and pair up a frame with these awesome pieces of art!!