“Sea Dweller”


This is Nadine’s second sea turtle original. Her first was a Hawksbill turtle, and this one is a Green Sea turtle. Green Sea turtles are common here in the Florida Keys. This guy is just about to eat his favorite food, a jellyfish. We have seen them while we have been snorkeling. Even fishing, you can see them when they come up for air.



The gilcee comes on a 16″ x 20″ canvas and framed is approx. 22″ x 26″ overall.┬áThe frame is a double slat with a window box. Available with a dark or white wash finish. There is an authentic lobster or stone crab certificate on the face of the frame. Also available without the frame. “Sea Dweller” is truly a beautiful rendition of a Green Sea turtle.

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Weight 5 lbs

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