Original Paintings on Canvas in Lobster Trap Frames

We carry the fabulous artwork of Nadine and Glenn Lahti from the Florida Keys in our portfolio of original paintings. We are told they are inspired by the flora and fauna that surrounds them in this tropical paradise. For more than a decade we have sold their original paintings.

We love Nadine’s original art. By using oil paint, we found she is able to blend her colors and textures to produce magnificent originals on canvas. We also love her style. Also, we find she paints in a more realistic style and is very detailed in her images. We love her renditions of birds, turtles, manatees, eagle rays, fish, and other wildlife. Finding an original painting you like is easy with this great artist. We then frame all her works in our unique lobster trap frames. Our frames really fit her style of original paintings.

We have found, on the other hand, Glenn’s original paintings are more impressionistic in style. He says he uses acrylic paint because it dries faster and is easier for him to paint with. We love his renditions of seascapes, landscapes, local Keys landmarks, and the occasional fish he paints. We then put all his original paintings in lobster trap frames because it is a great match.


If you want to see unframed prints of both of their originals on canvas, CLICK HERE. We will send you to a page of all their art prints ready to frame. We hope you will choose a lobster trap frame to bring out the best in the print. To view more of their original art on ceramic tile, CLICK HERE. We will bring you to a page of ceramic tiles with both their works.

We hope you love the originals that are not yet sold. Be sure to get one before it is gone. Remember, they are the original paintings and there is ONLY ONE!

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Showing all 3 results