Custom Picture Frames

We can custom build any size frame, white wash or dark wood finish, rope or no rope, to give your artwork or photos a beautiful one of a kind frame that will enhance them.

Call our Gift Shop and Gallery at 305-664-0001 or 305-664-3571 and let us know how we can help you.

You can also email us at and we will be able to help you that way also.



We construct all our custom picture frames with wood from old lobster traps fished in the Florida Keys. We collect this wood that has been aged under the water for over 7 seasons and use it to make these unique on of a kind photo frames. Because we make these custom picture frames, we can build them to fit any piece of art. We have framed canvas, paper prints, charts, metal prints, and even tiles or tile murals. Our shop is located in the heart of Islamorada. It is here we store the lobster wood, and make the custom picture frames.


We have two styles of these fabulous frames. We have what we call our Single Slat frame. This is a frame with one slat of lobster wood around the perimeter of the image. Then, we frame the outside with another slat around the edges. We then make our Double Slat frame with a Window Box. This frame has two slats of lobster wood around the image area. Then we put an additional one on the outside to finish the photo frame becauese we want the outside edges also covered in lobster wood.

Once we construct the custom frame, we add reflective control glass, because this ensures no glare when viewing the image. If you frame canvas, we do not use glass. If we ship your custom frame for you and the image opening is over 11 x 14 inches, we use plexiglass. We do this so there will be no breakage in shipment. It is also reflective control so there will still be no glare on your image. We also put a foam board backing to hold the print in place. Then, we use flexi points to make it easy for you to add or change a print. If you have a canvas piece, we put on canvas clips.


We can add authentic lobster trap rope to any custom frame at no additional cost. Our frames can be finished in either our white wash, or dark wood finish as can be seen on our website frame pages.


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