Ceramic Tile Mural “Deep Water Valley”


A gorgeous tile mural of a coral reef. A Green Sea Turtle is the focal point. There are a lot of other reef fish, and a couple of nurse sharks.

Composed of 24 6″ X 6″ tiles. This piece comes in a single slat frame with a dark or white washed finish. Overall size including single slat frame is approximately 22″ (H) X 52″ (W). Frame has a lobster or crab trap tag on the front.


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We create these fabulous tile murals reef scene montages. And, this one has as its focal point of a large Geen Sea Turtle. These turtle is swimming over a pristine coral reef made up of very colorful corals, some elkhorn coral, and sponges. We have also included a Nurse Shark, Barracuda, and several Parrotfish and Angelfish with other tropical fish. These fish are part of our underwater photos you see here. Nadine and I take our photos in the Florida Keys, Caribbean, and the world. We love traveling and taking these underwater photos wherever we go, especially the turtles and lobster and other tropical fish. Then we frame them in our wood lobster trap frames.

We make these very large tile murals reef scenes using twenty four (24) 6″ x 6″ tiles to create our awesome underwater images. They are then framed in our fabulous Lobster Trap We frame the murals with these unique frames because the two go so well together. Our tile murals montages that you see here, produced by us, here looks great in our lobster trap frames.


We produce and print all the tile murals at our Gallery in Islamorada. And, all frames are made at our shop also in Islamorada. The tile murals we make have a glossy finish which makes them look even nicer. We use dye sublimation printing using the best inks and printers. This assures we produce and print the best quality ceramic tile murals for you we can. You will be amazed at the vivid colors we get on these tiles.

The size with the wood frame is approx. 21″ x 51″ so your going to need a large wall to hang these babies. We need you to know that the framed ceramic tile murals this size are pretty heavy therefore, be sure to put your hooks into studs for proper support.

All murals come with a heavy duty wire hanger on the back so we make it easy to install on your wall at home or office.

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