Wall Clock “Lobster at Grecian Rocks Reef” Framed


Nothing like a lobster in a lobster trap frame.  TIME to get some “bugs”!!  We photographed this guy at Grecian Rocks Reef off Key Largo.  We visit this reef a lot!  It has a lot of great coral, fish, and seafans!

These clocks are 11.5″ round and have a hook on the back to put on your wall at home or office. They are made of an unbreakable hardboard and are very vividly printed at our Gallery. This clock is framed in our dark lobster trap wood with black lobster trap rope around the perimeter of the clock. With the frame it measures approx. 13″ x 13″ overall.

All the underwater photography was done by Nadine and Glenn Lahti from their trips around the Caribbean and the world.

We even do CUSTOM clocks using YOUR photos! Call our Gallery at 305-664-3571 or email us at info@lobstertrapart.com for details.

The clocks take one AA battery not included.

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Nadine and I take all or our own underwater photos and place them on a variety of items. All the photos we take are shot snorkeling, not diving, in the Florida Keys, Caribbean, and the world. We love seeing crabs and lobster. And we love all the other marine animals we encounter in our underwater adventures. Using our photos, we made this “wall clock with a lobster” from one of these adventures when we were at Grecian Rocks Reef in Key Largo. Here, we saw this large lobster and took a bunch of photos of him. Neither of use ever get tired of seeing all the magnificent creatures on the reef!! He looks awesome in this underwater photo framed clock made from lobster trap wood.

We produce and print all of our wall clocks at our gallery in Islamorada. We use a process called dye sublimation. So the image we print is not on the face of the wall clock, but it is imbedded in the coating on the wall clock. Because we use the best inks and printers, we get fabulous colors on these framed clocks are they are very vivid and striking. Our Lobster wall clock is no exception. You can see from the picture how beautiful this lobster clock we made is.


Remember, we also do custom clocks, either framed or unframed. All you need to do is send us a photo via email of what you want on your clock. We will see if the photo is suitable for a custom clock. If we can use it we will send you a proof back via email. Then, we will show you how your custom wall clock will look. We do this before we print it because we want to make sure you like what it will look like. You can email us at info@lobstertrapart.com or call us at 305-664-0001 and we can help you make your own custom clock. We can frame it for you in lobster trap wood or you can get it unframed. Either way they come with a hook ready to hang on your wall at home or office.


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