Framed Underwater Prints in Lobster Trap Frames

We are the photographers for all our underwater framed prints. Traveling throughout the Caribbean, Florida Keys, and the world, we take these fabulous shots. By traveling to all these places we are able to photograph underwater photos of fish and other beautiful marine life. We then place these montage photos of our underwater fish prints in our unique Lobster Trap Frames. The framed fish and turtle prints look great in these rustic frames.

We produce and print all our photos at our gallery in Islamorada. The frames we also make here at our shop. We then place these 11″ x 14″ turtle or fish prints in either our Single Slat Lobster Trap Frame or our Double Slat with a Window Box Lobster Trap Frame.

Our Single Slat framed print size is approx. 14.5″ x 17.5″ inches overall.
And our Double Slat art framed prints with a Window Box is approx. 17.5″ x 20.5″ inches overall.

We always use reflective control glass, therefore, there is no glare when viewing the framed prints. We put a hanger on the back so they are ready to hang on your wall at home or office.

Because our prints in lobster trap frames are so unique, we know you will love them. Its like getting two pieces of art in one.

If you want larger sizes of our underwater framed fish, turtle or reef prints you can visit our page of ceramic tile murals by clicking HERE. We have very large ceramic tile murals of our work. We can even make large sizes of the images you see here. Just call our gallery at 305-664-0001 or email us at and let us know the size you need.

Put a piece of the Florida Keys in your home or office today!!

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Showing 1–40 of 77 results