Multi Opening Lobster Trap Frames

We make our multi-opening picture frames using authentic lobster trap wood. All the traps are fished in our pristine waters of the Florida Keys. We collect all the wood every season when the traps come out of the water. We then take this wood, and use it to create the fabulous multi-opening frames you see here. All the frames we make at our shop also located in the Florida Keys. They are great for collages.

We only make our Multi-Opening picture frames in a “Single Slat” style. We make this style with one slat of wood all the way around the perimeter and between each opening. In each finish of our frames we carry double, triple, quad, and 5 opening frames. These frames are great for collages or themed pictures.

We make sure all our frames come with a lobster or stone crab certificate on the face of the frame. We do this to make each frame authentic. The certificate we put on the frame has the year it was fished and the number of the lobsterman or stone crab fisherman.

We put reflective control glass in our unique lobster trap frames, therefore there is no glare when you put your photos or other artwork in them. We use flexi-points because it makes putting your photos and artwork in the frames very easy. Of course, we always use a heavy duty hanger on the back, so they are ready for your wall at home or office.

Since we make all the frames at our own shop, we can make a custom frame if our standard sizes will not work for you. Please call our Gallery at 305-664-0001 or 305-664-3571 to let us know what you are looking for. You can also email us at if you prefer.

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Showing all 20 results