Tile Mural Framed in a Single Slat Lobster Trap Frame $195

We make these murals from 6 6″x6″ ceramic tiles to create one picture. This gives the piece a fantastic look. Ceramic Tile Murals Framed in Lobster Trap Frames is our specialty! Be sure and check out all the different sizes we carry.

Our underwater photography is done by famous Florida Keys artists Nadine and Glenn Lahti of Islamorada. We travel around the Caribbean and the Florida Keys to capture all these great photographs. Nadine and Glenn take all the photos snorkeling, not scuba diving, because the colors come out better in shallow water. We hope you enjoy all our underwater shots in all the different murals framed in our lobster trap frames.

At our Gallery in Islamorada we produce and print all the ceramic tiles to insure we provide you with the best quality.  We make our frames at our frame shop also in Islamorada.

We frame this mural in our Single Slat Lobster Trap Frame.  On murals this size, we always put on a heavy duty wire hanger on the back so it is ready to install on your wall at home or office. Therefore, we make it easy to have beautiful art on any wall you choose.

Our shop makes the frame in our dark wood finish, or our white wash finish so you can have an option on the frame color. Both options are great with this piece. Below, please choose the finish you like the best in these ceramic tile murals framed in lobster trap frames.

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Showing all 6 results