Framed Ceramic Tiles in our Lobster Trap Frames

Below are options we offer for our Ceramic Tiles in our Lobster Trap Frames. We have our single tiles in “Mini” lobster trap frames, and single tiles in lobster trap lid frames. Also in our selections are multiple tiles in one frame, each tile as a separate image. And lastly, we have our framed ceramic tile murals. These feature multiple tiles to create one image of our paintings. Be sure to also check out our underwater photos in framed ceramic tiles.

In this category we feature mainly artwork from paintings by famous Florida Keys artists Nadine and Glenn Lahti of Islamorada. There are a few underwater photos take by them as well all with framed ceramic tiles. The bulk of the underwater photography is in our “Underwater” section. Click the link and it will bring you to that page!

We would like you to peruse the images below and click on the framed tiles you would like to see more of in this style, because we have a lot to choose from. In the “Single Tile Framed” category we have over 190 images to choose from. In the “Authentic Lobster Trap Lids With Ceramic Tiles” we have over 90 images to choose from. “Lobster Trap Framed Tile Murals Using Multiple Ceramic Tiles” has 49 selections. And lastly, our “Lobster Trap Picture Frames With Multiple Ceramic Tiles” has 31 selections.


If you have a gift shop, gallery, or other retail location like ours, you can sell our artwork and framed tiles!! Call our Gallery at 305-664-3571 or 305-664-0001, or you can email us at for more details. Minimum order amounts apply.