Our charts are the BEST charts on the Florida Keys. They name every one of the 1700 islands that make up our unique habitat. They also name all the reefs along our largest barrier reef here in the States. The lighthouses are placed where they reside and are the actual color and shape so you can recognize them. They have the water depth and color gradient of the depths offshore. It also has an inlay of the Dry Tortugas, so covers all the Keys from Miami all the way to Loggerhead Key, which covers about 200 miles of islands. Not to be used for navigation, it is the best informational chart on the Florida Keys.

It comes in 3 formats for the Keys. There is the “Original”, the “Lighthouse”, and the “Shipwreck” chart. All three formats have all the information mentioned above, just add even more information by the name of the chart.

The “Original” and “Lighthouse” come framed in 3 sizes, the “Shipwreck” chart only comes in the large size because the print is very small with all the shipwrecks it mentions.

All three charts come rolled up in either paper or laminated in the large size.

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Showing all 18 results